The oldest Tuna Market in Japan! (Kii Katsuura)

The Oldest Tua Market in Japan!!!

Travel Feedback


In Kii Katsuura, while some of us slept («cough cough» my daughters), the rest of us went ‘fishing’ with our eyes at 6:30am. I visited the oldest tuna market in Japan. Every day, tuna from this particular market is exported to countries all over the world. Hundreds of kilos of tuna are auctioned off, after a careful inspection by the buyers’. At first, I thought I would leave the market smelling like fish, but, the Japanese people are even cautious regarding this situation. Not only, does it not smell like fish, as much as the ground is constantly being cleaned. And imagine where the best tuna sashimi is eaten? In Kii Katsuura, of course.

More about Kii Katsuura

Kii Katsuura and Kumano kodo in Japan.

Em Kii Katsuura enquanto uns dormiam (as minhas filhas por exemplo) outros quando eram 6.30 da manhã foram “pescar” com os olhos! Fui visitar o mais…

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