Fun and Intense Rafting in Dorokyo Gorge in Japan!

Intense Rafting!!!

Travel Feedback


I also chose to go to Kii Katsuura Village due to its proximity (roughly 2h30) to Kitayama by train and bus, And Kitayama is a small village where we had the unique opportunity in Japan and in the World to do rafting in the beautiful Dorokyo Gorge which begins in Kitayama.

About Kii Katsuura, more on the blog,

However, we were presented with a twist: we had to stand up in a raft made of wood trunks and Bambu while rafting. This rafting  skill and technique is over 600 years old – since the time of the wooden conveyors through the Gorge – and the people of Kitayama still consider it an active part of their culture – and are happy to share it with the world. It is also important to note, that the rafting is only offered during summer months, and that the instristions are all is Japanese. How…

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